Welcome to Tinker Books Publishing

At Tinker Books we don’t care where you live.

We publish books written by authors from around the world.  We believe that every good story deserves to be shared and every author deserves a chance to share theirs.

We don’t charge our authors for publishing their books. We earn our money from sales.

We don’t pay royalties we share the profits with the authors.
Our pet peeve is sites that misuse the word¬†royalty by saying they pay a percentage of the “net”.

Marketing is a partnership with our authors. The better they are at marketing the more we both earn so we provide them with the tools to market effectively and the training to do so. Our authors get:

  • An ISBN number that is recognized world-wide by bookstores and libraries, not a free one that isn’t.
  • Their own author website hosted by Tinker Books.
  • Assistance in setting up their website if needed and an email list manager to build their fan base.
  • Our books are published in both digital and print formats, and our books are formatted in a size that fits the book racks in grocery stores, drug stores, and newsstands.
  • Our books are available through thousands of online and brick and mortar stores and libraries around the world.
  • Our books are also sold through our own online book store at: