Tinker Books Publishing is now accepting manuscripts from authors of fiction, children’s books, and memoirs.

Submissions guide:

A typical proposal should consist of the following items:

  1. A short cover letter that describes why you think your book should be published. Give us some examples of similar books that are currently on the market, and then tell us how yours is going to be different. Who is your target audience? Are you an expert on the subject matter of your book? What are your credentials?
  2. A one-page synopsis of your book that we can use to prepare catalogues, sales sheets, press releases, and information about the book for booksellers.
  3. Three sample chapters from the beginning, middle and last chapter.
  4. If photography, or artwork is an important component of your book, send us a few images.
  5. A single-paragraph author biography.
  6. A recent colour photo of yourself (which may appear in your book).
  7. A list of your past publishing credits, if applicable.
  8. A list of media contacts who may be interested in your book. Indicate whether or not you know these contacts.
  9. A list of promotional ideas that may aid in the sale of your book.
  10. Any other information that may help us to market your book.

If you decide to submit a book proposal, please note:
Please include your contact information, email and mailing address in your cover letter.
we accept submissions in hard copy by mail, or digitally by e-mail. We do not accept submissions by fax. No phone calls, please.
We would prefer that you query us with a cover letter, a synopsis, and/or several sample chapters rather than the entire manuscript (see specifics for each genre below).
Editorial comment may be provided unless the submission has absolutely no potential for publication with Tinker.
In your cover letter, please include a brief summary of your book and how you feel it will fit with our publishing program.
Include a short biography of yourself and any publication history, if applicable.
Include a marketing plan (including thoughts on how your book could be promoted and who you think will buy your book).
For nonfiction, please include a table of contents.
Indicate if your submission is a multiple submission.

Please note: due to high volume, the review process can take up to six (6) months from the time we receive your submission. We appreciate your patience.

If you are submitting by e-mail:
Attach the manuscript in a single, separate document.
Double space all materials.
Digital images may be sent in either jpg or pdf format for onscreen review.
E-mail your submission to:  submissions@tinkerpublishing.ca.

If you are submitting by regular post:
Double-space all materials.
Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with sufficient postage for the return of your manuscript; submissions that do not include a return envelope will be recycled.

Do not send us original art or photographs, color photocopies are acceptable.
Address your submission to the attention of:
Artwork Submissions.

Mail a hard copy of your manuscript to:
Tinker Books Publishing
100-131 7th Avenue South
Cranbrook, B.C. V1C 2J3