Authors whose books are published by Tinker Books will receive:

  • Royalties: We do not pay traditional royalties, we share the profits from sales with or authors. The percentage that the publisher keeps depends on the quality and ease of publishing. If the author provides a perfectly edited and formatted manuscript, accompanied by complete cover files that fit the template provided, will receive the maximum 70% profit share. The more work, (editing, formatting, book design, cover design, artwork,image editing etc… ) done by the publisher, the lower the profit share for the author
  • Distribution: Books will be distributed as digital books and in print (on demand) through thousands of bookstores, and online retailers.
  • Marketing: Every author gets a free hosted website, with a sub-domain (eg. Some assistance is provided in setting up your website, mailing list managers and advertising strategies.
  • There are presently no fees to pay when published by tinker books.